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Types-of-Facilities-That-Use-Oxygen-Cylinders-the-MostOxygen has many applications in various industries, with commercial production used to provide facilities around the world with access to oxygen. These are most commonly seen in oxygen cylinders, which are a mainstay in facilities of every scope and size. Given the important role oxygen plays in human life, it’s not surprising that we’ve found many other uses for it throughout history!

Here are 5 types of facilities that use oxygen cylinders the most:

1. Medical
Oxygen cylinders are a commonplace in any medical facility, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, care homes, and veterinary clinics. It’s used for various processes in the healthcare industry, such as during surgery, intensive care, and emergency treatment in ambulances and out in public.

Medical facilities require large quantities of oxygen cylinders which are typically redistributed to the locations that need them. It is vital for life saving treatments in many instances, highlighting just how important oxygen is in these settings.

2. Pharmaceutical and Chemical
Oxygen is widely used for oxidization processes in pharmaceutical and chemical facilities. This includes manufacturing ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, along with being used in partial oxidization to produce hydrogen peroxide, ethylene dichloride, and nitric acid.

3. Steel Manufacturing
The steel industry is a large user of oxygen, accounting for over half of all commercially produced oxygen, so you’ll find that most metal manufacturing facilities have oxygen cylinders on hand. This is because the oxygen helps to enrich air to provide higher computation temperatures, so oxygen is used in various furnaces during the steelmaking process.

Carbon made during the process is also removed using oxygen, which pairs to the carbon to help remove the unwanted impurity from the steel. Oxygen is applied to a steel bath using a lance device.

4. Welding and Cutting
Oxygen is also used in the manufacturing of other metals such as zinc, copper, and lead, not to mention being a key component in metal processing. For instance, the high reactivity of oxygen makes it suitable for metal cutting and welding, allowing the flame temperature to become much higher.

5. Waste Treatment
A waste treatment facility dealing with water waste is likely to use oxygen to increase the biodegrading rate. Leaving the water waste to naturally biodegrade takes a long time, not to mention creating a very unpleasant odor, so adding oxygen into the waste helps speed the process and reduce unwanted smells.

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