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Organization-Tips-for-Your-Medical-Gas-Storage-RoomFrom intensive care units, emergency rooms, operating rooms, etc, medical gases are widely used for different purposes in different departments in hospitals. The storage of these medical gases is a big responsibility and you should strictly follow related regulations and standards to ensure safety.

Following are 5 organization tips for your medical gas storage room:

1. Make Sure the Gas Storage Room is Well Ventilated
The gas storage room should be well ventilated. For maximum ventilation, you should use wire mesh steel panels for the walls. A solid roof is also a good idea for a medical gas storage room as it will protect fittings and valves from the elements and provides weather protection for operators. It is also recommended that you make sure that the storage area is dry, cool, and free from corrosive materials.

2. Store the Cylinders Upright and Use Safety Chains
To secure the cylinders and prevent them from falling over, you should always store them upright in racks with safety chains. To further increase safety, you can use appropriate material such as commercial straps, plastic coated wire cables, etc. to secure the gas cylinders. Some smaller medical gas cylinders are required to be stored horizontally. For such cylinders, you should purchase compatible racks. Keep in mind that securing the cylinders at all times is extremely important so you should take all the safety measures you can to ensure secure storage. When the cylinders are not connected for use, use valve protectors on them.

3. Install Safety Signs to the Gas Storage Room
You should install safety signs to the gas cylinder storage room to help people identify the different types of gases that are being stored. Keep the empty cylinders separated. You should allocate a separate area in the gas storage room for this purpose. The access to the storage as well as the path required to move needed cylinders should always be clear.

4. Consider Segregation of Non-Compatible Gases
The medical gas storage room is a place where different kinds of required gases are stored. So, consider segregation of non-compatible gases. The segregation is not required if you only have 1-2 cylinders of each gas type. On the other hand, segregation is a must for larger volumes. It is recommended that you segregate the cylinders in hazard classes in the gas storage room. Flammable gases must be separated from oxidizers and filled cylinders must be isolated from empty cylinders.

5. Don’t Use the Gas Storage Room for Storing Other Materials
Any other materials such as oils, fuels, other supplies, etc. should not be stored in the gas storage room for obvious reasons. You should read and try to follow the relevant advice regarding segregation. Your gas supplier should also be able to offer any additional advice if required.

All in all, medical gas cylinders should be stored in a well ventilated, secure storage room and must be secured with cages or racks. There are many different kinds of medical gases with different characteristics. So, it is recommended that you talk to your medical gas supplier for advice on the best method to store and organize medical gas cylinders.

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