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Inspect-Your-Gas-Cylinder-RacksThere are many hazards when storing compressed gas cylinders. Various checks are in place to ensure the safe storage of all cylinders, which are most commonly stored using stands and racks.

From inspecting the condition of the cylinders to making sure there are no fire or explosion hazards in the area, there are many important safety checks you need to make for gas cylinders to ensure a safe working environment.

Yet an often-overlooked aspect of gas cylinder storage safety is the storage units themselves. In fact, you should regularly inspect your gas cylinder racks to ensure they are in suitable condition, otherwise the gas cylinders may be a risk. Here are 3 reasons to regularly inspect your gas cylinder racks:

1. Damage
Just like it is important to insect the gas cylinders for signs of wear and tear, the racks should also be regularly checked for damage. For example, rusting may occur on the racks that compromises their ability to securely store the cylinders, while surface damage on the racks could end up damaging the cylinders themselves.

So, regularly checking the overall condition of the rack and looking for signs of damage is always important. This includes rusting, surface damage, broken chains, and damaged brackets, while making sure to check welded seams for signs of deterioration as well.

2. Misplaced Cylinders
While most people take the time to properly store gas cylinders, there is always the chance of human error, which is why you need to inspect the racks regularly to ensure there are no storage mistakes.

For instance, certain gases must be stored separately otherwise they may be a huge safety risk, such as storing oxidizing gases next to fuel gases. By regularly checking over the racks you can ensure there are no misplaced cylinders and that there are no empty cylinders stored next to full cylinders.

3. Secure Storage
Secure storage is vitally important for gas cylinders, otherwise they risk falling over, creating all kinds of safety risks. All cylinders must be securely stored in an upright position to ensure they do not fall over, using either clamps, chains, or cables depending on the type of rack.

So, by taking the time to regularly inspect each storage rack you can ensure all cylinders are completely secure on the rack. Check the chains or clamps to make sure they are not slack or damaged, while inspecting the stability of each cylinder to make sure everything is stored safely.

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