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facilities that use cylinder storage racksGas cylinders are used to safely store various types of gases, making them an important feature in countless industries. The importance of safe gas cylinder storage is paramount for any facility using them. These containers hold high pressure gases that are highly volatile, so improper storage could cause a serious accident, making effective storage vitally important. They should also feature a high level of security to avoid theft or tampering.

Gas cylinder racks are viewed as one of the best storage methods for gas cylinders, and are most commonly required by these types of facilities:

Health Care Facilities
Gas cylinders are widely used throughout the healthcare industry. From hospitals to ambulances, healthcare facilities small and large require various types of gas cylinders to store oxygen and other medical gases.

As a result, these facilities require various types of storage racks to safely store the cylinders. For instance, all hospitals store their gas cylinders in specially designed storage units with the right conditions (cool and dry) and suitable storage racks for the various shaped cylinders.

Laboratories throughout the world use different types of gases for procedures, experiments, and other processes, with a massive range of gas cylinders used to store these various gases. These are often the most dangerous gases to handle, which is why safe and effective storage is required.

Gas cylinder racks in laboratory storage rooms are custom-built to accommodate the specific gases used in the laboratory. They should be well-organized to display the different gases and allow for the safe handling of each one.

Educational Establishments
From high school workshops to university laboratories, educational establishments use a range of different gas cylinders to store the gases used in science and other departments. The types of gases vary depending on the type of establishment.

Of course, the need for safe storage is obvious in any educational establishment is high, but also higher levels of security to avoid any accidents or tampering. Gas cylinder racks in these locations often come with improved security measures, and those found in schools may not be as large as those used in industrial sectors.

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