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Buy-Gas-Cylinder-Racks-That-Are-American-MadeGas cylinder racks are sold by manufacturers worldwide, so should your business be purchasing them from an international or domestic company? It’s certainly open for debate, as importing products is part and parcel of our economy, yet when the opportunity comes to purchase domestic products, should we take advantage of it?

We’re confident that when it comes to buying gas cylinder racks that there is no better option than buying American made. There are various reasons we believe that buying American made gas cylinder racks is the best option – check them out below!

Gas cylinder storage processes are meticulously monitored to ensure they are done to the highest possible safety standards. Given the various risks associated with sorting high pressure gases in a commercial property, businesses must ensure they are following storage processes to the letter of the law.

This means purchasing gas cylinder storage racks that are fully compliant under current safety laws. When buying American made gas cylinder racks from JT Cylinder Racks, you are purchasing products that follow cylinder rack safety compliance in the USA, including OSHA and NFPA regulations.

American made gas cylinder racks feature a much higher quality than most imported products. This is due to the high level of workmanship that goes into each product and the fact that each one is made to be compliant with various US regulations, so you know time and care is going into the manufacturing process.

While many imported gas cylinder racks are not lacking in quality, those that match US standards are usually more expensive due to import fees. Conversely, cheaper imported racks tend to lack the same quality – they’re cheaper for a reason!

Fast Delivery
When buying from an American company you’re almost guaranteed to get your gas cylinder racks shipped quicker. US gas cylinder rack manufacturers can have products ready for shipping in a fraction of the time that it takes to import from another country.
While not all racks are urgently required, in many cases a business needs a quick turnaround for the delivery, especially when replacing a broken rack.

Better for the Environment
The less distance the racks need to travel the less fuel is spent transporting them. This means that buying domestic gas cylinder racks makes a small difference for the environment, as you’re choosing a product that undergoes less travel, reducing the carbon emissions produced.

Contribute to the Economy
The American manufacturing industry directly benefits from your investment when buying domestic gas cylinder racks. When buying domestically, you ensure that your hard-earned cash goes back into the US economy, helping both the manufacturing industry and wider economy to grow.

JT Racking Systems is dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest quality Cylinder Storage Racks available. Our Cylinder Storage Racks are fully made in America with US Steel and Chain, and are Welded and Powder Coated at our facility in Southern California. Regularly used in hospitals, universities, or laboratory gas storage rooms, our cylinder racks can be utilized wherever securing of cylinders is needed. We ship anywhere in the United States from our Los Angeles area facility, at the best prices on the market since you are buying direct from the manufacturer.