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Avoid These 7 Types of Gas Cylinder Storage MethodsGas cylinders are a very important part of many businesses, hospitals, universities, etc. The raw materials stored in these cylinders make several everyday business and medical functions possible. Gas cylinders can be extremely dangerous if they are not stored properly. The gases they contain can be explosive, flammable, or poisonous if inhaled. Because of the safety risks, storing gas cylinders is of utmost importance. There are some certain types of gas cylinder storage methods you must avoid so you can keep your business and your employees safe.

Following are 7 types of gas cylinder storage methods you must avoid:

1. Storing Gas Cylinders in Wet or Moist Locations
Pooling water and rain can cause gas cylinders to rust which in return can lead to leaks or explosions due to the structural integrity of the cylinder being compromised.

2. Storing Gas Cylinders in Hot Locations
An improperly cooled and hot storage area can easily reach above 125 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be extremely dangerous as exposure to such temperatures can lead to explosions.

3. Storing Gas Cylinders Near Chemicals
Storing gas cylinders near corrosive chemicals is another wrong cylinder storage method. This is because the chemicals can eat through or damage metal, hence leading to leaks or structural damage.

4. Storing Gas Cylinders Near Combustible Material
All the gas cylinder storage safety guidelines prohibit storing gas cylinders near combustible material for obvious reasons. Explosions are a primary danger of this storage method.

5. Inaccessibility
Gas cylinders need to be accessible. If you store them near stairways, elevators, or heavily trafficked hallways, it will prevent much needed ventilation. Not to mention there will be issues when it comes to storage and removal of gas cylinders. A cramped location can lead to cylinder dropping or banging the cylinders against floors or walls. That’s why gas cylinders should always be stored in an accessible area.

6. Positioning
Another common wrong way of storing gas cylinders is the improper positioning. You should avoid storing cylinders horizontally, unless it is advised by the supplier. Generally, gas cylinders are stored upright and they should be secured via a non-conductive chain or belt to a stable structure. Approved gas cylinder storage racks are a suitable structures to attach gas cylinders to for storage purposes.

7. Improper Organization
Improper organization of gas cylinders should also be avoided. It is recommended that you keep full and empty cylinders separated and use ‘first in first out’ inventory organization method. In this way, the cylinders will be used in the same order they come into your facility. This keeps gases from sitting in storage for too long and prevents effectivity reduction due to aging.

In conclusion, the storage of gas cylinders should be based on good common sense. You can greatly reduce the chance of accidents at your business with proper planning and safe storage practices. As always, it is recommended that you consult your local and federal safety standards.

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